25 May 2015

That was the question our teen Bible Blast group grappled with last Friday, and they found lots of answers for the children and adults who gathered in Dordrecht, NL for a weekend retreat. 

29 April 2015

Is the growing gap between rich and poor--even in wealthy Luxembourg--at the base of rips in our cultural fabric?  Yesterday, 28 April, my wife and I made a visit in the city that illustrated the Bible's answer to that question.

05 April 2015

Someone in the auditorium at Bethel College asked that question of William Lane Craig and John Shelby Spong back in 2005 during a debate on the resurrection of Jesus.  I found Craig's answer surprising in light of his loyalty to the historicity of Christ's resurrection from the dead.

03 April 2015

On Sunday, 26 April CCC remembered 40 years since Fred and Trudy Vermeulen, church planters with Biblical ministries Worldwide, had begun the church with a small group of English-speaking internationals who had been attending French services held in Limpertsberg.