19 December 2016

Christmas service will be held this Sunday morning at the Lighthouse.

Please come early as the parking is public and sometimes difficult to find.
Service time: 10:30am
Christian Community Church “Lighthouse"
34 Dernier Sol, 
L-2543 Luxembourg


31 October 2016


Join us 29 December - 1 January for
our bi-annual missions conference 
for university students and young
professionals, single or married.

Details may be found on the brochure.
You may register via the Google form here.  

Please contact us by 1 December
if you plan to attend.

24 September 2016

If three partly burned candles of different heights represent adults and children, which one is most like the child?  Which one is most like the adults?

Right! . . . the shortest is like an older person and the tallest like a child, 

04 June 2016

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