Fellowship Lunch -- 40 years!

03 April 2015

On Sunday, 26 April CCC remembered 40 years since Fred and Trudy Vermeulen, church planters with Biblical ministries Worldwide, had begun the church with a small group of English-speaking internationals who had been attending French services held in Limpertsberg.

But because there were at the time no other English-language Bible-teaching churches in the country, they were seeking fellowship with other Christians with whom they could communicate more easily.  Rather than travel the long distance to attend English services on military bases in Bitburg, they agreed to begin to gather with the Vermeulens for singing, prayer and Bible study. 

The first meeting took place in the Vermeulens' rented home in Hamm on Easter Sunday 1975, with nine adults and six children.

The ministry mushroomed thereafter, and new premises needed to be sought.  God provided a room at 11, bd. Pierre Dupong, which was refurbished and used by CCC until 2007.

Over the 40 years since the church's birth, beyond a thousand have been involved at CCC during short-term and long-term work placements. Many have trusted in Christ here or have been strengthened in their faith.

Noting that many churches feel compelled these days to provide only "fun, food and fellowship", or to feature entertainment with a sprinkling of Christian slogans, Fred challenged the church body to stay strong on the basics in order to maintain the church's direction.  In the morning service he emphasized that our mission is to please the Lord, not ourselves.  Christians must be followers of Jesus Christ, and this means more than a mere intellectual assent to a set of truths; it requires believing from the heart and personally trusting in Christ.  Those who follow Christ will end up looking like Christ in their conduct.  He indicated that as long as our lives do not change through the gospel, no one will mind.  But when our conduct begins to become more Christlike, people will feel convicted and some degree of opposition will be inevitable.

At the fellowship luncheon after the service, attended by about 125 people, Fred presented a short video of their ministries to indigenous peoples in Suriname.  He updated the church on the process of starting new ministries along one of the country's major rivers.  

The church presented Fred and Trudy with a copy of the gospel of John in Luxembourgish and a bronze casting of the Logegaass and Fëschmaart, created by Luxembourgish artisan Roby Kieffer.  

We're grateful that Fred and Trudy have invested their lives in our country, and most of all that God has used them and His Word to impact so many lives in the ensuing years.