Back together with Softball/Bible Camp friends

08 June 2015

On Saturday friends who attended Softball Bible Camps beginning in 1996 gathered for a time of remembering some of the good times shared in past year.


Ryan Bernardo and a team of CCC young adults planned the day, which started cloudy and finished in warm clear sunshine.

We began with an icebreaker game that got everyone to share some interesting personal facts, and then moved on to some of our favorite recollections of SBC experiences.  We recalled the origin of the day camps in 1996, when the CCC youth group leader Dave Ford died in a plane crash in Dubrovnik.  His children mentioned that he had hoped to invite their school classmates to play some softball with them next door in a cow pasture, and to speak to those young people about Christ.  The SBC was held each year from 1996 on through 2007, after which the church launched summer Adventure camps.  We recalled that God regularly answered prayers for good weather right at the last minute by giving us sun within a half hour of the beginning of the morning activities.  There were many opportunities to speak of God's Word during the noon Bible times.  

We watched a slide show from earlier years prepared by several of the CCC youth, as well as a viedo greeting from Bonnie Leithmann.  As a review of things we'd learned in previous camps, Ryan reminded us of the unique and exclusive claims of Christ from John 14:6, "De Jesus huet him geäntwert: 'Ech sinn de Wee, d'Wourecht an d'Liewen.  Kee kënnt bei de Papp, et sief dann duerch mech' " (De Jean c. 2014).  

After a barbecue lunch we traveled to the football pitch in Cessange where we enjoyed a couple of hours of competition.  Not everyone who came in the morning could join us for the competition, but we had a great time together!  It left us hoping for more opportunities in future!