What’s Christian Community Church like? What are we about? You’ll find these things true of us:

  • Christ-centred

...we believe that the good news about Jesus Christ – true man and true God – reconciles us to God by simple faith and makes the Christian life possible as we grow to know Him better

  • Biblically rooted

...strong emphasis on Bible teaching and exposition with application to life

  • International

...gathering 25-30 nationalities for worship Sundays and during the week

  • English-speaking

...teaching and conversation at all worship services and Bible studies is in English, although church people represent dozens of other mother tongues

  • Warm and genuine

...guests often comment they feel heartily welcomed at services and weekday meetings

  • Missions-minded

...we’re eager to see the gospel win hearts and minds in the Grand Duchy and around the world

  • Oriented to both families and singles

...there’s fellowship and ministry for both singles and families with children of all ages

  • Committed to discipleship

...because we want every Christian to be able to express his or her faith and live it out, we equip people with that goal in mind