When: 15 to 19 of July 2022Where: Youth Hostel in Remerschen, L-5440Registration: please download and fill this form and send it to

Adventure Camp 2022

Softball Day for everyoneOn the 25th of September, the whole CCC family is welcome to join us for another day of

Softball Day for Everyone

Dear CCC member/friend, Our Annual General Meeting takes place on Sunday afternoon, 13 June, 2021, 13:30, via Zoom.  We strongly encourage

Annual General Meeting 2021
Turning Point 2019-2020

We have invested the effort to update the website platform in order to achieve three purposes: improve website management, which is

CCC’s new website

​ABOUT INFORMATION GATHERING1. Identify sources of information you’re ready to trustDon’t put stock in improbable conspiracy theories, rumors and fake news.

Family unity and resilience during the coronavirus pandemic

In an effort to promote the development and growth of evangelical churches, many have adopted marketing strategies to advertize and promote

On Marketing the Church

We’ve taken a backwards look at the long slide from orthodox Christianity to Roman sacramentalism to Protestantism to liberalism to fundamentalism

The Search for Christian Unity

Fundamentalism -- now there’s a dirty word for you! Today to be a fundamentalist is to be noted for violence, blinkered

What about “Fundamentalism”?