We have invested the effort to update the website platform in order to achieve three purposes: improve website management, which is

Dear CCC church family, Our community is well aware of the decision made by the Luxembourg government that large group meetings

​ABOUT INFORMATION GATHERING1. Identify sources of information you’re ready to trustDon’t put stock in improbable conspiracy theories, rumors and fake news.

In an effort to promote the development and growth of evangelical churches, many have adopted marketing strategies to advertize and promote

Where does real spiritual fruit come from?  The charismatic movement, launched in the 1960s, argued that fruit came from a special

The postmodern mood of the late 20th century and early 21st rejects any absolute authority or final divine revelation. It has

We’ve taken a backwards look at the long slide from orthodox Christianity to Roman sacramentalism to Protestantism to liberalism to fundamentalism

In our attempt to trace how CCC in Luxembourg fits into today’s theological currents, we come to the rather elusive label

Fundamentalism -- now there’s a dirty word for you! Today to be a fundamentalist is to be noted for violence, blinkered

Let’s take a look this week at a movement that emerged strongly at the end of the 19th century in continental

I’ve discovered in many conversations over years with Luxembourgers young and old that Protestantism is a vague concept indeed. We thought

Are you interested in the religions of the world? Thanks to the internet and the mixing of religious traditions across our