05 April 2015

Someone in the auditorium at Bethel College asked that question of William Lane Craig and John Shelby Spong back in 2005 during a debate on the resurrection of Jesus.  I found Craig's answer surprising in light of his loyalty to the historicity of Christ's resurrection from the dead.

03 April 2015

There's been a lot in the news these past few weeks about the Greek bailouts.  Judging by press reports, the German public is getting exasperated and the Greeks are making threats.  Maybe there will be a Grexit after all . . .

03 February 2015

CCC's family -- and other people checking out our church -- can profit from some comments on current events and matters of church policy at "The Pastor's Pen", a regular blog post we hope will be helpful and thought-provoking.  I intend to keep these items coming in as the weeks go by, and Pastor Joël will write as well when he wishes to.  Feel free to respond with comments by writing to the church's email address.

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