Luxembourgish speakers meet every other Wednesday to participate in the congregational prayer meeting. After sharing requests with the larger group, we divide the group to pray in Luxembourgish and English.

CCC also offers Bible basic Bible studies in Luxembourgish, "Déi Haapt Elementer vun der Gudde Noriicht".  

Inquirers interested in reading John's Gospel in Luxembourgish can secure a copy by requesting one at the church's email address.  We will be happy to send a copy free of charge.

The Filipino group at CCC has existed for over twenty years. It is composed both of whole Filipino families as well as mixed Filipino-European families. Along with Luxembourgers it is one of the larger ethnic groups represented at CCC church services.

The Latino ladies Bible study, which is held in Spanish, meets every other Wednesday in Luxembourg and the Trier area.