Missions Committee

CCC Ministries

The true measure of a church's missionary-mindedness is not its missionary budget, nor the number of people it supports abroad, but the proportion of its own members who recognize that because they are saved by Christ they are meant to be sent by Christ.

Horace L. Fenton, Jr.

We believe the church's missionary responsibility is simple obedience to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28.19-20, Mark 16.15, Luke 24.47; John 20.21; Acts 1.6-8). We desire to see persons of every nation and culture come to salvation by grace through faith and learn to know God (Romans 10.9-15). By teaching and equipping these new believers for ministry, missionaries work toward the ultimate end of their missionary charge: the formation of mature, indigenous, missionary-minded churches worldwide with strong, spiritual, national leadership (Acts 14.21-23; Ephesians 4.12-16; Titus 1.5-9).

Although benevolent ministries to believers and unbelievers express a godly Christian lifestyle (Galatians 6.10) and may promote opportunities for evangelism, they do not constitute the mission of the church.  Furthermore, although responsible involvement of believers in the political process in democratic societies is an aspect of Christian living in the community (Romans 13.1 -7; 1 Peter 2.13-17), the transformation of social and/or political structures is not the mission of the church.  We believe the church's mission centers on making disciples from among the nations by baptizing believers and introducing them to a life-long process of teaching and training in obedient, godly living.